How to save money with SOLAR?

  1. The homeowner will pay $0 out of pocket.
  2. 30% to 50% less for electricity payment monthly, based on usage and panel orientation to the sun and  shading around the house.
  3. We will give a 25 year guarantee for the solar system to work.
  4. 26% off from federal taxes if you pay enough federal taxes.
How is this possible? It sounds too good to be true!
Here is the reason why this could be done: Every month each solar panel produces electricity, kWh-s which is money, approx. $5 to $15 per panel ($10 average) per month in California, depending on the angle, the orientation to the sun. Example: If you have only one panel installed on your house then you will use the electricity from that one panel and you will purchase less energy from the utility company. After one month use of a single solar panel you will notice a proximately $10 deep or reduction of your electric bill. -- Most houses have 10, 20 or even 30 panels. -- So one single solar panel could save you $10 per month, or we can say that produce you $10 extra money per month. -- With a calculator you can calculate how much is it for one year: $10 x 12 month = $120. -- How much is for 25 years: $120 x 25 year = $3000.
Obviously the installation and 25 year maintenance of one single panel will not cost $3000. -- It will cost approx. $900 to $1000 approximately. -- So there is a pure $2000 profit per solar panel for the next 25 years. This is why you do not have to pay for this up front and you will save approx. 30% to 50% on your electric bill every month.

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