BHLT Integrated Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Measuring range:HBLN-G4:0.2~4m HBLN-G6:0.25~6m
HBLN-G8:0.3~8m HBLN-G12:0.4~12m
HBLN-G15:0.6~15m HBLN-G 20:1.2~20m
HBLN-G30:1.4~30m HBLN-G40:1.6~40m
Accuracy:0.2% full span (in air)
Output signal:4~20mADC
Output load:0~500Ω
Mode of indication:4 digital LCD
Power supply:DC24V(±10%) ≥60mA
Temperature range:-40~75°C
Temperature compensation:the whole range
Pressure range:±0.1MPa
Cable fix:PG13.5
Beam angle:8°, 5°(3db)
Parameter set up:3 induction buttons
Material of shell:AL
Material of sensor:PVC/ ABS/ PTFE
Protection class:IP67

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