Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Pipe size:DN10~DN1200
Lining:Chloroprene , rubber, PTFE
Material of electrode:316L, HC, HB, Tianium,Tantalum, Paltiniridum
Medium:Conductive liquid
Grade of accuracy:0.5, 1.0
Flow velocity:≤15m/s
Pipe connection:flange connnection
Temperature of medium:chloroprene rubber -10~60°C;PTFE -10~120C
Pressure:4.0MPa; 1.6MPa; 1.0MPa
Output signal:4~20mADC
Loading resistance:600 Ω
Conductibility f of medium:5μS/cm
Power supply:220VAC, 50HZ 24VAC
Relative humidity:5%~95%
Flow direction:forwards and reverse flux
Protection Class:IP65, IP68
Explosion-proof gradeMd II BT4

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