Porous Stainless Steel Isostatic Tubes (IS)

Our standard products are covering a wide range of applications. Customized design available upon request.




316 L construction per default.
304 L / Inconel 600 / Monel 400 or Hastelloy on request.

Features & Benefits

Basic shape for standard candles (BI) or cartridges (CRI, CFI and DOE).

• Good durability against most aggressive fluids,
• Usable over a wide range of temperatures,
• High mechanical resistance,
• Regenerable through backflush / chemical / thermal or ultrasonic treatment.

Retention rates

8 PORAL grades available - see PORAL grades definition table for detailed information.
In liquids, retention at 98% of solid particles from 3,2 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 90 μm (PORAL grade 40). In gases, retention at 98% of solid particles from 0,2 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 8 μm (PORAL grade 40).

Designation / ordering guide

TYPEExt. Ø [mm]Length [mm]Wall thickness e [mm]Filtration surface S [cm2]Price
IS 14.250142502,0110call
IS 17.600176002,0320call
IS 20.600206002,0434call
IS 30.600306002,5565call
IS 35.600356002,5660call
IS 40.600406002,5754call
IS 50.600506002,5942call
IS 60.600606002,51131call
IS 80.600806003,01508call
IS 100.6001006003,01885call
IS 17.900179002,5481call
IS 23.10002310002,5723call
IS 30.10003010002,5942call
IS 35.10003510002,51100call
IS 40.10004010002,51257call
IS 50.10005010002,51571call
IS 60.10006010002,51885call
IS 70.10007010003,02200call
IS 80.10008010003,02513call
IS 100.100010010003,03142call

Porous sintered stainless steel isostatic tubes are used for activated carbon removal, decolorization, aerosol separation, catalyst recovery from hydrogenation reactors, catalyst removal from flavor ingredients, catalyst separation and recovery, cryogenic fluids, fluidization, gas filtration, guard filtration for fixed bed reactor, high-temperature liquids and gases, polishing of corrosive liquids and gases, polishing of syrups, liquors and other liquids, precoat filtration, process steam filtration, silencing, solvents, ketones, esters, amines, liquid hydrocarbons, polymers, sparging.

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