Porous Double-Open Ends Cartridges (DOE)

Our standard products are covering a wide range of applications. Customized design available upon request.




316 L construction per default,
304 L / Inconel 600 / Monel 400 or Hastelloy on request.

Features & Benefits

Cartridges for standard fitting in DOE housing, mainly for steam filtration. Sealing at your choice depending of operating environment.

• Good durability against most aggressive fluids,
• Usable over a wide range of temperatures,
• High mechanical resistance,
• Regenerable through backflush / chemical / thermal or ultrasonic treatment.

Retention rates

8 PORAL grades available - see PORAL grades definition table for detailed information.
In liquids, retention at 98% of solid particles from 3,2 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 90 μm (PORAL grade 40). In gases, retention at 98% of solid particles from 0,2 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 8 μm (PORAL grade 40).

Designation / ordering guide

TYPEExt. Ø D ["]Porous Length L ["]Wall thickness e [mm]Filtration surface S [cm2]Price
DOE 21/2.1021/2102,5507call
DOE 21/2.2021/2202,51013call
DOE 21/2.3021/2302,51520call
DOE 3.203202,51216call
DOE 3.403402,52432call

Sintered stainless steel double-open-ended porous cartridges, metal filter cartridges are used for high-temperature gasses, pharmaceuticals, polymers, cryogenic fluids, heat transfer, chemical intermediates, solvents, gas applications, liquid and steam service.

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