Porous Bronze Welded Tubes (BT)

Our standard products are covering a wide range of applications. Customized design available upon request.




Bronze (89% Cu /11% Sn) construction.

Features & Benefits

• Good durability against most aggressive fluids,
• Usable over a wide range of temperatures,
• High mechanical resistance,
• Regenerable through backflush / chemical / thermal or ultrasonic treatment.

Retention rates

9 PORAL grades available - see PORAL grades definition table for detailed information.
In liquids, retention at 98% of solid particles from 3,8 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 190 μm (PORAL grade 60). In gases, retention at 98% of solid particles from 0,7 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 13 μm (PORAL grade 60).

Designation / ordering guide

ITEMExt. Ø [mm]Length [mm]Filtration surface S [cm2]Price
BT 20.550300450call
BT 10.550600900call
BT 16.880250625call
BT 8.8805001250call
BT 10.10100300875call
BT 5.101006001750call

These sintered porous bronze welded tubes can be used in filtration applications as filters, fuel cell component, sensor protector, flow control, vent, applicator, chromatography frit, breather, aerator and in many other applications.

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