Porous Bronze Silencers (SMH)

Our standard products are covering a wide range of applications. Customized design available upon request.




Bronze (89% Cu /11% Sn) construction.

Features & Benefits

• Good durability against most aggressive fluids,
• Usable over a wide range of temperatures,
• High mechanical resistance,
• Regenerable through backflush / chemical / thermal or ultrasonic treatment.

Retention rates

9 PORAL grades available - see PORAL grades definition table for detailed information.
In liquids, retention at 98% of solid particles from 3,8 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 190 μm (PORAL grade 60). In gases, retention at 98% of solid particles from 0,7 μm (PORAL grade 03) to 13 μm (PORAL grade 60).

Designation / ordering guide

ITEMThreadØ D [mm]Width A [mm]Height E [mm]Length H [mm]Price
SMH 11/8”10135,522,5call
SMH 21/4”13198,536,5call
SMH 33/8”17228,546,5call
SMH 41/2”21301159call
SMH 53/4”273011,566,5call
SMH 61”34361474call

Mostly used for noise level reduction in pneumatic equipment.

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