We specialize in Air Receivers, Filter Vessels, Vacuum, Water, Refrigeration, Accumulator, Buffer Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Wohler, Poral, Site Solar and Vacorda products for industrial applications.

Our pressure vessel products - rated from full vacuum up to 3000 psig. - and built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. - However, we can supply ABS, USCG, CRN, CE, PED, Lloyd, DNV, API, UL, FM, UBC, NR-13, NSF certified units also.

Wohler Products:

Please check our Measuring Instruments: Flue Gas Analyzer, Soot and Pressure / Leakage, Ventilation / Air Quality in addition  Temperature / Humidity
Our Inspection Systems: Visual Inspection tools and Endoscopes also Mirrors
And Cleaning Tools: Vipers / Rods and Air Pressure also Stars / Brushes.

Sintered Poral Metal Filters, in Bronze, Stainless Steel or Nickel Alloys, for Gas or Liquid Filtration:

General Applications: mufflers, plates, discs, cones, cartridges, candles, tubes, fluidized beds, silencers, pressure regulators and diffusers, also filter media.

Please check our Portable, Emission Free, Green Energy, Solar Generator and Light Tower:

1300 watt LED light tower uses solar panels. It provides 72000 lumens without noise. It can be deployed within minutes. Four lights can be independently operated and directed. The large capacity maintenance-free battery will recharge during the day. It eliminates 24.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year and saves thousands of dollars on fuel, labor cost. It withstands up to 65 mph winds.

Check our Flow Meters:

Metal Pipe, Rotameter, Variable-area, Electromagnetic and Turbine (Liquid/Gas), Vortex, Mass, Thermal also Standard Orifice flowmeters.

Pressure Transmitters:

HBY 201 small, HBY 202 LCD, HBY 203 micro/differential and HBY 204 corrosion-proof, HBY 205 high-temperature also HBY 3351 smart differential pressure transmitters.

Level Gauges:

Basic Type Magnetic, Glass Tube, UGS Quartz and Glass Plate, Float Ball, Capacitance, Hydrostatic Liquid Level Gauges BHLT Integrated and HBLS Separated Ultrasonic, Radar Level Gauges, Vertical also Horizontal Level Switches.

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